External/Partners’ Scholarships & Funding

Working in partnership with other governmental and non-governmental organizations in the higher education sponsorship and funding sphere, we continue to enable discerning students attain their academic dreams. These organizations serve as benefactors or facilitators of students who study at any of the Mount Kenya University campuses. Among the organizations are Africa Digna Foundation, Education for All Children, Direct Aid Kenya, and African Education and Development Trust.   

4 thoughts on “External/Partners’ Scholarships & Funding”

  1. job makere January 20, 2024

    hello, how do i apply for the scholarship

    • Kindly keep checking your Mount Kenya University student portal and this website for call for scholarship application. It normally have clear guidelines

  2. nelly kioko March 4, 2024

    Hello , my name is Nelly kioko
    I am a graduate of Mount Kenya University and I am seeking a for scholarship in master’s in marketing.
    please assist me on the way forward

    • Hello Nelly, currently all our scholarships are geared towards ensuring that all students have at least bachelors degree level knowledge and so we do not have scholarships for postgraduate students.

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